Full service makeup artist for your special day [available in the Tri-state area]

Joanna is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with years of experience. She started her career as a makeup artist in 2006.  As an artist, her goal is to create a beautiful, natural look by using a palette of colors and textures that will compliment any ones unique skin tone and facial structure.  Using only the finest products, Joanna's goal is to accentuate natural beauty and avoid an overly made up look.

Although majority of Joanna's work consists of bridal makeup, she enjoys doing makeup for any special occasion.

Joanna's experience includes years of working as a MAC makeup artist, where she participated in many master classes and perfected many different makeup styles/trends. She has also worked on various projects which include photoshoots, fashion shows, and television. 

One of the things that Joanna prides herself in the most is being very detail-oriented. You could depend on her to make sure that she will execute the proper look that you are trying to achieve. She has the ability to bring out the natural beauty of her clients, no matter age, gender or ethnicity.  Joanna's attention to finite detail and ability to produce flawless complexions is what turns first time clients to life-long clients.

In addition to traditional makeup, Joanna also uses airbrush makeup.  She recommends this option for her clients who don't typically like the feel on makeup on their faces.

“When I do a clients makeup, I am as anxious as them to see the end result.  If I hand them the mirror when we’re done and I see a smile, I know I have done my job well.  A lot of makeup artists rush through makeup just to get it done, but I take my time to make sure that I make my client look the way they want to look, not just what works for me” 

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